Parents, you know you've been waiting for this for a long time!

Kids & Teens, you're probably in mourning right now!

But whatever your outlook is on the end of summer, we can all agree that we need to take advantage of every day because we know that before long the weather will turn colder and we will be stuck inside for days, weeks, or months on end!

That's where Cadyville Church wants to help! We want to give you one more opportunity to get outside, have some fun with some awesome people, and do it all with a purpose. 

So on September 10, church won't be at church. Instead, we'll be outside at the Cadyville Rec Park! We will sing and be challenged together while enjoying the beauty of nature! What better way to connect with God than outside?

Then, we will eat! Cadyville Church will be providing sandwiches for everyone who attends (including a gluten-free option), and attendees are encouraged to bring a side-dish or dessert to share. 

Any questions? Drop us a line in our Contact section or call us at (518) 293-7149!