Cadyville Wesleyan Church
Membership Affirmation 2019

Because of my commitment to this local body of believers and my commitment to serving God in every way that I am able, I affirm the following:

1.   I have been made new through a relationship with Jesus.

2.   I commit to serving Jesus and glorifying him in every area of my life.

3.   I believe in the mission and vision of this church.

4.   I commit to deepening my relationship with Jesus through my involvement in the Body of Christ.

5.   I embrace the call of God to serve others according my spiritual gifts and personal style.

By submitting below, you are affirming (or reaffirming) your commitment to Christ and membership in the Cadyville Wesleyan Church.

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  Cadyville Church is a Wesleyan Congregation. For information about our core beliefs as a denomination, see our Articles of Religion.